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“I like the Recent Numbers segment. I like the breakdowns that are provided , some very good information. Its also extremely easy to read, which is a huge thing.”

“I was waiting from the opening day to receive the MLB newspaper and was very surprised, is much more complete and detailed, last year with the MLB and this NBA season were very productive thanks to you, and I’m sure this season will be much better .”

“The new newsletter is looking good! The recent pitcher stats are my favorite part! I would like to see something we as users/readers can add to it too, if that’s not to much work. Like a user/reader system or trend of the day. That would be kinda cool! Keep up the good work!”

“Took me some time to digest all you have put in the newsletter. ABSOLUTELY AN AMAZING JOB!”

“Love the new newsletter. I subscribe to five different ones, some costing thousands. You just put yourself on the top of the industry. Plus, your customer service is second to none. I email, I get prompt and helpful reply. You guys are great. I’m a customer for life….”

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