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LVSS Premium Packages

Jim Hurley Conference Tournament. Triple Play Thurs. – $15

IT IS ALL FOR THE MONEY TIME WITH JIM’S CONF. TOUR. TRIPLE PLAY – SWEEP 3-0 TEAMS GO FOR NCAA’S – YOU GET TH CASH - $15  By now you ought to know Jim Hurley’s Network is the undisputed champion when it comes to winning the Conference Tournaments. That’s because his handicappers cover the conferences like a closed fist. From today’s A-10, Big South, OVC and other Mid-majors to the ACC, Big east, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12 and SEC which begin in a few days. Between now and Sunday Match 14 Jim will be releasing 3-5 Best Bets each day from these Tournaments. Jim’s gurus see the games, we log the rules we smell the sweat and we read the chalkboard without eyes closed. They do the work and that’s WHY I WIN OUT! Don’t wait for the NCAA Tournament to begin on March 18 to get the big money. Cash in tonight or Jim’s CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT TRIPLE PLAY and SWEEP 3-0…ONLY $15

Jeff Saad Bio

Jeff Saad grew up in Ohio and Michigan, went to school in Southern California and now resides in Las Vegas. That kind of travelling is not a coincidence, as Jeff loves to travel around the globe as well as to various sports stadiums, football and baseball, all over the U.S.

His only greater passion is sports handicapping, making sharp numbers and knowing the strengths and weakness of every team, from big name pro sports teams to the smallest college basketball conferences and programs. Jeff’s motto: “Have line, will travel!”

Before joining LVSS, Jeff was senior handicapper for H.R. Jones for seven years and hosted the Stardust Line radio show from Las Vegas in the mid-1990s. Jeff appeared on the Sports Desk national television show on the USA Network from 2001-2004. He currently produces daily free pick videos on jimfeist.com and is a frequent guest on Proline.

Jeff became senior handicapper for Las Vegas Sports Services (LVSS) in 2000 and since has delivered regular profits all year long. Recent examples include a 45-22-3 (67 percent) record in Games of the Week, Month and Year in college and pro football during a three year stretch. He was also 46-25 (65 percent) in the 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs, 48-34 ATS (59 percent) in the 2004 NBA playoffs and 47-29-2 ATS (62 percent) in the 2005 NBA playoffs.

In addition, Jeff has been an outstanding baseball handicapper as his record is a combined 320 games over .500 during a recent four year stretch! Low key and hard working, Jeff has turned LVSS into one of the most respected sports handicapping services in the country. In the end, it’s all about results and Jeff Saad knows — and delivers.