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This Football Season Is Far From Over - How Sharps Are Betting by Kelso Sturgeon

If you are one of those who believe the four teams that will finally compete in the playoffs that lead to the national championship game - right now ... more

Lessons from Buffalo Benching Taylor, by Kelso Sturgeon

Lessons From Buffalo Benching Taylor Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon Wednesday morning Las Vegas time, Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott ... more

Come on Man, You have to do better than that! by Jim Feist

Life is about cycles and we're seeing a very down cycle right now in the National Football League. No I'm not saying that the NFL is not producing a good product ... more

NFL WEEK 10 UPDATE by Kelso Sturgeon

There's no doubt about it: NFL life can be extremely cruel even if your franchise has experienced major successes in the past. Just go ask the Denver ... more