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NFL Coaching Changes for 2018 by Jim Feist

The game of coaching musical chairs is not over yet and won’t be until the Super Bowl is over. Not only are the Head Coaching jobs being filled with new bodies ... more

How Sharps are Betting the NFL Divisional Round by Richie "B"

Underdogs covered all four games during Wildcard Weekend, which meant a bad week for the general public but great news for sharps and Nevada ... more

Impact of the Bye Week in NFL Playoffs by Kelso Sturgeon

As we move from Wildcard Weekend to the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs, the single biggest factor that looms largest is the bye week. ... more

Is there a West Coast Bias in NBA Oddsmaking by Richie "B"

We've reached the halfway point of the NBA season. What's very interesting to me as I study the ATS records so far is that all the best ... more