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Jim Feist

Jim Feist has been the leader in the sports wagering information field for 48 Years! He has been able to tap the latest in technology in an effort to provide clients with the best possible tools and in-formation to succeed in the challenging world of eleven-to-ten.
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Dave Cokin

They call him “Smokin’ Dave Cokin,” a longtime Las Vegas sports handicapper, radio and TV personality, a sports loving, media mogul who continues to make history as one of the nation’s top sports gaming analysts.
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Hank Goldberg

Hank Goldberg has been involved in sports media and the wagering industry since the 1970s. He was dubbed the "Greek's Ghost" from 1974-77 when he wrote syndicated columns for Vegas handicapper Jimmy "the GreeK" Snyder.
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Jim's Packages

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7 Days of NFL & College Football Plays.

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30 Days of All Sports.

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  • All of Jim's Baseball Plays
  • All of Jim's NBA/College Hoops Selections
  • Includes ALL Games of the Year that fall in that 30 days
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$999 Season All Sports Thru Super Bowl

All Sports Package thru Super Bowl

  • All of JIm's NFL/College Football Plays including Bowls/Playoffs
  • All of Jim's Baseball thru World Series
  • All of Jim's NBA/College Hoops
  • Includes ALL Games of the Year
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