Thoughts and Tidbits by Jim Feist

The NFL Preseason has arrived with the Hall of Fame game between the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens. If you are going to bet preseason, it would be wise to get as much solid information as possible as to which players will be playing. This can be especially true of quarterback rotations and how long the starters are expected to play. In addition, you should know the coaches tendencies, as that matters to which ones care about winning more so than others do.  For example, Baltimore HC John Harbaugh has a terrific track record of SU and ATS success in the preseason and has shown a propensity for wanting to win games in August. This info can be useful the next few weeks.

Don’t go to sleep on the Patriots. The roster they are putting together will be very difficult to stop when on offense. Adding WR Eric Decker is brilliant move, as he fits perfectly with Tom Brady. Brady will carve up most defenses. The formula they use, no one has been able to stop for as long as Bill and Tom have been together.

Looks like Ohio State HC Urban Meyer has made some foolish choices over the years. A lot more will be coming out on this issue daily. For now, he is on the sidelines while the investigation continues. I don’t think any of this will benefit the team morale. I hope there is simple explanation for all that happened, but it sure doesn’t look that way right now. The name Earle Bruce (Smith’s Grandfather) has come up as a possible reason for Urban’s silence.

Why doesn’t Dez Bryant just go away or just keep quiet? Why would any team want to bring his type of chaos into their locker room?

Just how popular is betting on football? The action on the NFL Hall of Fame game alone will surpass that of many MLB games during the course of the week. And, the Hall of Fame game is in a meaningless contest where you won’t even recognize most of the player names.

Now that there is a MGM and NBA deal in place, will there soon be an NBA team in Las Vegas? I for one  sure hope so.

Kansas City Chiefs HC Andy Reid remembers new Hall of Famer Terrell Owens as a guy who would do whatever he was asked at “100 miles per hour.” Interestinly enough, Owens was upset for not getting into the Hall on the first ballot, and as such didn’t show up at the Hall of Fame honors in Canton, OH.

The MLB is moving past the All Star break and trade deadline. There were some big moves, and it looks like the LA Dodgers may have come away with the big prize in Baltimore shortstop Manny Machado. The Dodgers are looking for Machado to provide that World Series push this year, but it remains to be seen which team Machado ends up with next season.  Now its time to get down to the business for the contenders to build chemistry with the new players, if they have them and push for the playoffs.

Sonny Gray has had a frustrating season, to say the least, for the Yankees. Gray has had six starts where he’s allowed five earned runs in less than four innings pitched. That’s the most such games in a season since earned runs became official in the American League in 1913.

The Mariners, who are fighting for a playoff berth, got some good news. Robinson Cano has been working out at first and third base in preparation to return from suspension on August 14.

The big news in Golf is the Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson head-to-head event that will take place on Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a winner take all showdown for $10,000,000. Golf Fans will certainly be looking forward to this event.

That’s it for my rambling thoughts on the NFL, college football, baseball and golf for this week.