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Jim Feist CFB High Roller Platinum – Saturday

World Champion handicapper Jim Feist has another High Roller Platinum Club baseball release. This high end release covers every aspect of his legendary handicapping intellect, experience and insight. This High Roller Platinum Club is one his exclusive high end clients receive and now you can, too -- if you're ready to step up and play with the Vegas big boys!

Jim Feist’s 3-Team College Power Pack – Saturday!

Jim Feist is set to pound the books in college football on Saturday with three big winners, a 3-Team College Power Pack! A trio of college football games, so clean up at the window with Jim's 3-Team College Power Pack to triple your pleasure -- and your bankroll! 

Jim Feist’s CFB TV Steamroller (2-0) – Friday

Jim Feist is 2-0 with CFB TV Steamrollers, cashing in Week 1 with Northern Illinois and Week 3 with Oklahoma State. He sets his sights on another Friday night college football showdown! He knows how to attack soft numbers, so grab some VEGAS GREEN with this CFB TV Steamroller and BURY THE BOOKS AGAIN!

Jim Feist’s NFL Non-Conf Game of the Month – Sunday!

The Sunday NFL card finds one TV game where ALL the factors mesh, strong enough to be Jim's NFL Non-Conference Game of the Month! This will be a rout from the first quarter on, so get set to collect with this NFL ROMP!

Jim Feist’s NFL Monday Night Madness Winner!

One team on the Monday NFL card is going to flatten the opposition and the Vegas odds from the first quarter on. Find out WHO is focused and READY to DOMINATE with Jim Feist's NFL Monday Night Madness Winner! 

Jim Feist’s CFB Big Time Bailout Basher – Saturday!

Winning in football requires understanding coaching, motivation, depth charts and situations. Jim Feist combines ALL these factors in attacking a Saturday late football tilt. EXPECT TO WIN with Jim's College Football Big Time Bailout Basher and go to bed a W-I-N-N-E-R!

Jim Feist Bio

Jim Feist for decades has been the leader in the sports wagering information field. Beginning in the 1970s Jim has been ahead of the curve with National Sports Services, utilizing the first telephone line services, Internet Web Sites, Sports Tracker and Pro Line, the longest running sports handicapping show on USA Cable Network and the Internet.

Jim writes about the gaming industry for magazines and newspapers, publishes an annual Football Workbook and co-authored ‘The Complete Guide to Football Betting’ with handicapper Kelso Sturgeon, an in-depth analysis of the competitive Las Vegas handicapping world of eleven-to-ten, in addition to a statistical analysis of football seasons.

Jim’s daily selections are featured on 14 websites. He has weekly articles and blogs about sports wagering, and his websites feature updated information on gaming, trends, pro and college teams and industry news. Jim Feist Fast Facts is a daily sports wagering statistical print-out from Jim’s personnel database, unique only to jimfeist.com, free to anyone.

His websites feature a free daily newsletter, informative spread trends, featured articles, tips and a comp daily play with analysis. Jim also releases the Hilton Top 5 Handicapping Report, a comprehensive weekly report of the Las Vegas Hilton football handicapping contest during the fall with results posted each week within hours of release.

Jim keeps pace with changing technology by engaging in social networking links Twitter, You Tube, Face-book and Google-Plus, along with daily videos discussing current events in the gaming industry, big game previews, free insight and plays, edited and uploaded within minutes to the site. This allows commercial free analysis and opinions from the most connected people in the sports wagering field.

A key to Jim’s success is that he has always understood the importance of listening to customers. A successful business is a partnership with clients. He has been able to tap the latest in technology in an effort to provide clients with the best possible tools and in-formation to succeed in the challenging world of eleven-to-ten.

Customers requested such things as timely weather information, injury reports, up-to-the-second updated lines, pre-game line-ups and hundreds of other sports handicapping necessities. Jim listens and delivers. Success is in the details and Jim measures success not by the season, but by the decade.

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