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Dave Cokin College Football

Dave Cokin’s Bowl Game of the Year!

Dave has several very strong bowl bets coming up, and following a terrific regular season. he's anticipating a true bonanza in what should be a great postseason. The game he's chosen for his Bowl Game of the Year is available now, so get your hands on this one right away and expect to collect another Max Play winner!

Dave’s Notre Dame-LSU Citrus Bowl (Jan 1) Citrus Bowl

No need to hype this New Year's Day hookup. Two of the nation's most storied programs have at it in the Citrus Bowl. Dave's numbers point to a clear cut right side in the clash between the Fighting Irish and the Bayou Bengals. Get the lowdown on this exciting bowl battle and cash in another winner

Dave’s Fiesta Bowl Best Bet – (Dec 30th)!

Dave is jumping right into action in the bowls following a stellar regular season with his college football plays. He's enjoyed particular success on the "early" plays where he gets into action way before the masses and almost always gets the best of the line. That's the case in this year's Fiesta Bowl. Get the goods on this strong play now!

Dave’s Georgia-Oklahoma Playoff Top Play – (Rose Bowl Jan 1st)

The college football version of the Final Four is set and Dave has made an early decision on the clash between Georgia and Oklahoma. The game fits a stat profile that has been extraordinarily reliable going back more than three decades and when it shows in the bowls, Dave swings into action very quickly. Do the same and expect to cash in again!

Dave Cokin’s Purdue-Arizona Bowl Winner (Dec 27) Foster Farms Bowl!

Dave is wasting no time getting his action in on several bowl games, and included among his top plays will be the Foster Farms battle between Purdue and Arizona. Get the breakdown on what Dave is seeing that makes this a game that's worth investing in and prepare to get paid with a convincing winner!

Dave Cokin Bio

They call him “Smokin’ Dave Cokin,” a longtime Las Vegas sports handicapper, radio and TV personality, a sports loving, media mogul who continues to make history as one of the nation’s top sports gaming analysts. Dave is an industry insider, knowing the stats and stars better than anyone while understanding immediately the dynamics of line movement on any contest. Is it public overreaction? A bad number? An injury? A bad on-field matchup? Or a bad off the field coaching mismatch? Dave knows right away, which helps him to play or pass.

Dave has co-hosted national network sports shows with legendary figures such former Coach Matt Guokas, baseball star Pete Rose, Bill Raftery, Dick Versace and Johnny Orr. Dave is presently heard weekdays from 1-3 PM on ESPN920 in Las Vegas as part of the “DC and the Sunshine Man” sports show.

Dave is a featured columnist in national publications, such as the Sports Betting Guide and the Jim Feist Football Annuals, and is regularly in demand as a gaming insider on sports talk shows across the country. He’s been a featured panelist on the longest running sports handicapping show, “Proline”, since 1993 on USA Network and the web.

His trademark chapeau has sparked nicknames for him (“The Cat in the Hat”) and his coveted plays (“Under the Hat release”). Dave was voted as the 2004 and 2006 Nevada Sportscaster of the Year by the National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association. No wonder Dave Cokin was tagged by noted author Martin Mendelsohn as the “Ted Williams of the sports service industry,” a moniker that Dave, a longtime Red Sox fan who grew up in Rhode Island, relishes. The only difference is that Dave occasionally tips his cap!