Come on Man, You have to do better than that! by Jim Feist

Life is about cycles and we’re seeing a very down cycle right now in the National Football League. No I’m not saying that the NFL is not producing a good product top to bottom,  I’m saying that the very bottom of the league is larger than it has been in the past.

Let’s take a look at some of these not so good teams and how it’s affecting you’re betting history and you’re betting experience. Let’s start at the bottom of a league and work our way up.  There can be an argument of who are the worst teams but I don’t think anyone is going to argue that some of these teams are definitely right down at the bottom spots.


The Indianapolis Colts,  Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants are all low hanging fruit in the NFL this season. However, perhaps the worst right now are the Cleveland Browns. If you look at win/loss over the last few years, then the Browns would definitely have to be considered the worst of the worst.

It’s ironic that the one team that everybody was betting would not win a game this year was the New York Jets. The Jets have actually played decent football. They are not a good team by any stretch of the imagination,  but they have been capable of putting up a strong effort every now and then and covering some point spreads.  This is a team that was expected to be bad, but is really middle of the pack this season.

Then we have the teams that started out good, but because of injury or suspension have fallen into this lower echelon of teams .  The Houston Texans went from the penthouse to the outhouse in the blink of an eye when they lost quarterback Deshaun Watson to a season ending injury.  This was a club that looked poised to make a lot of noise with Watson at the helm. Now, they have dropped way back and are not a very good team.  Green Bay is in the same boat as Houston, they lose their franchise QB in Aaron Rodgers and they go from the top to a deep slide down the polls with QB Brett Hundley as the signal caller.  The Dallas Cowboys haven’t always look like a top team this year, but they sure could have been. Then they finally lost RB Ezekiel Elliott to his suspension and it became evident that their running back by committee is not the answer as they scored just seven points at Atlanta last week.

The Baltimore Ravens don’t run the ball very well and they have looked very shaky at times this season. Of course, they did get a big boost of confidence in their 40-0 win over Miami a few weeks ago.  The Seattle Seahawks have a good team, but not a great one.  More bad news for the Hawks as they lost Richard Sherman to an Achilles heal injury. They also have offensive line problems and that results in not protecting their quarterback or being able to run the ball effectively. The Denver Broncos have the look of a team that has given up. Ever since their home loss to the NY Giants, this team has lost any desire to compete and the defense that was once top rated is now being lit up for points.  John Elway is likely going to clean house with his coaching staff at some point and the QB rotation of Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler are not the answer.

At this point in the season we are seeing teams that are giving up as they see their playoff hopes fade. When looking at the point spread and your betting, be sure to look at these teams I’ve mentioned and take a lot of caution before backing them with your money.