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Pros vs. Joe's Daily Report - $99 for a Month

99.00 USD

Find out who the Vegas sharps are playing in basketball today, $99 for a month of information from the Vegas sharps of their daily moves. Dave Cokin has contacts who provide insight into where the Vegas Wise Guys are wagering — not Dave’s plays, but where the wise guy money [...]

Dave Cokin's High Roller MLB Value Plus - Sunday

500.00 USD

Dave Cokin steps up with one of his coveted Value Plus Releases normally reserved for Dave’s personal longtime high roller clientele.  Get on board with Dave’s exclusive High Roller Baseball Value Plus Release and BUST your book TONIGHT!

Jim Feist's 3-Team Powerhouse Pounder - Satur

25.00 USD

Jim Feist is off a 3-1 NHL Thursday, part of a 154-109-2 NHL run ($2,812). He has 3 big NHL winners for Saturday, 3 sides. A trio of games that will rip the books three times! Clean up at the window with Jim’s 3-Team Powerhouse Pounder and get set to cash [...]


Jim's Baseball Package: Entire MLB Season, $1,899.00

1,899.00 USD

April means baseball is back, and so is Jim Feist with plays on the diamond EVERY day. You can grab ALL of Jim’s Executive Service Major League Baseball plays for the entire season for $1,899.00! Jim ranked #4 in MLB handicapper last season as $1,000/game players have cashed in $42,470 [...]

Jim Feist: 30 Days of Inner Circle releases, $750

750.00 USD

Get 30 days of Jim Feist’s Inner Circle releases, plays that sell for $49 apiece daily. But you can get 1-2 Inner Circle plays every day with this money-saving pack.  Win with Jim’s Inner Circle releases every day for the next 30 days!