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Roz’s MLB Blowout Game of the Month - Saturday!

15.00 USD

Pro Line’s Roz Juarbe steps up with a huge situation in baseball.  Grab this Blowout Game of the Month and clean up at the wagering window with Roz!

Mr. Vegas Division Total of the Month - Saturday

15.00 USD

Maximize your profits with a blockbuster release from Mr. Vegas, an MLB Division Total of the Month that will add to your bankroll. Get down tonight on this BIG WINNER where there are perfect betting situations on the diamond and with matchups!   

Roz’s 3-Team MLB Totals Stampede - Saturday!

20.00 USD

Pro Line’s Roz Juarbe steps up with three big winners on the baseball card (all totals), packaged all together, 3 totals.  Grab this 3-Team Baseball Stampede and clean up 3 times with Roz!

Mr. Vegas MLB 3-Team Diamond Trifecta - Saturday

20.00 USD

Maximize your profits with another blockbuster package from Mr. Vegas, a baseball 3-Team Trifecta. Mr. Vegas has the call on three games, so get down tonight on this MLB 3-Team Trifecta. Get the inside scoop and CA$H 3 times in baseball!

Jim Feist's 2017 NBA TItle Future's Wager!

10.00 USD

Jim Fest is on a 97-56 NBA run and steps up with a Future’s Wager on who will win the 2017 NBA title with the best betting odds. Grab Jim’s 2017 NBA Title Future’s Wager and invest with a Vegas legend again!